Platelet Growth Factors as a Hair loss treatment

Description of the treatment

Dr. Zontos performs Platelet Growth Factors as a preventative therapeutic option against hair loss. It is the most advanced and minimally invasive treatment for patients suffering from various forms of hair loss. The treatment works by stimulating the growth of the patient’s hair using growth factors that are present in their own blood.

During this treatment, a small quantity of blood is taken at the clinic and platelets are activated through a specialized preparatory process. Using a fine needle, the patient’s own plasma is injected into the skin of the affected head area. Then, the blood cell growth factors stimulate hair follicles and naturally promote hair growth.

This injectable treatment includes many growth factors that trigger the growth of hair follicles. It can be applied before, after, and in between surgical procedures. Many patients choose to treat hair loss by having these treatments monthly, three times in a row, as preliminary data suggest that regular or semiannual treatment stimulates hair growth more effectively.