46th International S.I.Tri. Congress: Dr. Zontos’ Contributions

The 46th International S.I.Tri. Congress, held in May 2024, was a significant event in the field of hair restoration, bringing together leading experts to discuss the latest advancements and techniques. Dr. Zontos was a prominent figure at this conference, actively contributing to its success through his roles as a moderator and presenter.

On Saturday, May 25, Dr. Zontos co-moderated the session titled “Planning and Correction in Hair Restoration Surgery” alongside Dr. Piero Rosati. This session provided valuable insights into the intricacies of surgical planning and the correction of previous procedures, highlighting the importance of meticulous preparation and execution in achieving optimal patient outcomes.

In addition to his moderating duties, Dr. Zontos delivered a key presentation in the ‘Regenerative Medicine’ session. His presentation, “Can PRP Accelerate the Healing Process in the Donor Area After FUE Harvesting?” explored the potential benefits of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) in enhancing the healing process post-hair transplant surgery. This talk offered attendees a comprehensive overview of the latest research and developments in regenerative medicine, emphasizing its potential to improve patient recovery and outcomes in hair restoration.

Dr. Zontos’ active participation in the 46th International S.I.Tri. Congress underscored his dedication to advancing the field and sharing knowledge with his peers. His contributions provided attendees with valuable insights and practical knowledge, enhancing the overall impact and success of the conference.

During the Congress, our own Medical Assistant Anna Karagianni participated which highlights our continuous investment in our team’s development and adherence with the latest medical protocols and highest standards.

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