Long Ηair FUE

Long Ηair FUE
FUE without shaving the donor area

Dr Zontos has advanced the FUE technique so that shaving the donor area is not necessary. This advanced procedure is known as Long Hair FUE.

The standard FUE method requires that hair be shaved to a length of 2 – 3 mm. However, long hair FUE allows for both women and men to maintain their hairstyle without any radical hairstyle changes.

Dr. Zontos developed this innovative method of extracting hair follicles that combines all the advantages of FUE with the option of leaving the hair longer. This method dramatically improves traditional FUE by avoiding any shaving to the donor area while producing the same quality of hair grafts.

This method gives an excellent result and meets the highest requirements. With Long Hair FUE, the changes to the patient’s look are subtle, while offering maximum discretion. .

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