Autologous hair mesotherapy

Autologous Ηair Μesotherapy

Autologous Ηair Μesotherapy

Dr. Zontos applies to men and women experiencing hair loss autologous hair mesotherapy as a preventive treatment option. This is the most advanced and minimally invasive treatment method for patients suffering from various forms of hair loss and where activation of the hair follicle is indicated. In particular, at the

clinic a small amount of blood is received and then with a special process we activate the platelets. With a fine needle, the specially processed material containing a multitude of nutrients is then injected into the skin of the affected area of ​​the head. Then, these substances contained in the blood cells of each patient affect the hair follicles, promoting hair growth in a natural way and above all without complications.

This injectable hair loss treatment includes a number of substances that activate the growth of hair follicles. It can be applied before, after and between surgical treatments. Many patients choose to do autologous hair mesotherapy every month, three times in a row, as according to the latest scientific protocols, systematic application or application twice a year activates hair growth more effectively. This treatment also works as a means of preventing hair loss, as it prevents further hair loss, while simultaneously strengthening the hair follicles.