7th Scientific Meeting FUE Europe

Dr Zontos΄s lectures impressed many people at the 7th Scientific Meeting FUE EUROPE in Malaga -Spain.He was very happy to present his latest knowledge on how to minimise the injury to the donor area in FUE harvesting. He also shared his extensive and ongoing research with all attendants who were extremely responsive to his unique study, which we feel will make the work of the hair surgeon more efficient and enhance the quality of the patient experience.

It’s a great honor for Dr Zontos to be given accolades and awarded THE PIONNER OF FUE AWARD for his outstanding and significant clinical contributions related to the field of FUE hair restoration surgery . Dr. Zontos is recognized as one of the earliest pioneers in performing follicular unit extraction efficiently as well as the first European hair surgeon who brought with Dr Cole the FUE to Europe . Truly obliged for this great honor and recognition given by the scientific committee of the 7TH ANNUAL MEETING FUE EUROPE .