Dr. Georgios Zontos: A Pillar of the 2024 ISHRS Live Surgery Workshop, the 46th S.I.Tri. Conference & the ABHRS Oral Exams

The 46th S.I.Tri. Conference in Milan sees the significant participation of Dr. Georgios Zontos, a distinguished figure in the field of hair restoration surgery. His involvement spans multiple key roles, enhancing the conference’s educational and professional value.

Proponent and Oral Examiner for ABHRS Oral Exams

Dr. Zontos has been instrumental in arranging for the “in-person” oral examination to be held concurrently with the Joint S.I.Tri. International Congress and ISHRS Live Surgery Workshop. These exams will take place on May 23, 2024, providing a platform for surgeons to achieve professional certification. Dr. Zontos will also serve as an oral examiner, ensuring high standards of assessment.

Chair of the 2024 ISHRS Europe Live Surgery Workshop

Dr. Zontos will open the Live Surgery Workshop with a keynote welcoming speech on Friday, May 24, 2024. His address will set the tone for the upcoming full day, emphasizing the importance of innovation and collaboration in hair restoration surgery. On Sunday, May 26, 2024, at the San Raffaele Hospital, Dr. Zontos will chair the 2024 ISHRS Europe Live Surgery Workshop, along with his Co-Chair Dr. Piero Tesauro. This workshop is set to be a highlight of the conference, showcasing advanced surgical techniques in hair restoration. Attendees will have the opportunity to observe live procedures and interact with leading experts in the field. There are 3 operating theaters, in which Dr Zontos and esteemed hair surgeons from around the world demonstrate the latest techniques in harvesting and placing: Operating Room 2 focuses on Long Hair FUE Eyebrows Restoration, showcasing eyebrow drawing, long hair harvesting, and follicular unit insertion with advanced tools. Operating Room 1 combines Shallow FUT harvesting and Shaven FUE procedures using the latest devices, WAW DUO and Zeus, highlighting precision in modern hair restoration and techniques like Robopen and Lion implanters. Operating Room 3 explores Specialty Treatments, including PRP Plasma X, TRICOPAT procedures, and SEFFIHAIR with adipose stem cells, emphasizing regenerative medicine’s potential in hair restoration.

46th S.I.Tri. Conference Speeches

Dr. Zontos moderates the session “Planning and correction in hair restoration surgery” on Saturday, May 25, along with Dr. Piero Rosati. Also, he delivers a key presentation during the conference, titled “Can PRP Accelerate the Healing Process in the Donor Area After FUE Harvesting?”, in the ‘Regenerative Medicine’ session. This speech offers valuable insights into the latest developments and future directions in hair restoration.

Dr. Zontos’s comprehensive participation in the ISHRS 2024 conference highlights his dedication to advancing the field of hair restoration surgery and his commitment to professional development and education. His contributions undoubtedly enrich the conference experience for all attendees.