Hair Transplantation: A Greek conquers the top of the world!

When it comes to hair transplantation, one name is at the top, both for Greek and global data: Dr. George Zontos. Hair Transplant Surgeon Dr. Georgios Zontos is internationally recognized in the field for the provision of innovative services against hair loss, having received numerous awards during his many years of career. He has dedicated his successful career to applying innovative hair restoration techniques that improve the lives and confidence of people with hair loss. This is the mission and driving force of Zontos Hair & Skin Clinic, of the Hair Transplantation clinic that he has established according to the highest standards.

The purpose of the clinic is to provide comprehensive and innovative medical services in the field of Hair Transplantation. This is achieved by the combination of three catalytic factors: the many years of international experience, knowledge and active action of Dr. Zontos, the excellent scientific training of the staff and the state-of-the-art medical technology equipment. Dr. George Zontos is a Diplomate of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS: American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery – and Fellow of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS – He is one of the few doctors worldwide in Greece and Denmark who has received this important distinction.

Dr. Georgios Zontos is known for pioneering numerous techniques in the field of hair restoration, such as the minimally invasive FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method, but also the innovative Long Hair FUE hair follicle extraction method that combines all the advantages of the FUE method without the need to shave the hair. At the same time, he has developed the revolutionary Vertical Extraction technique, which achieves less injury and faster healing, minimizing the formation of scars. The success of him and the clinic he has founded is based on the fact that he makes sure that he performs each hair transplant operation exclusively himself, in order to achieve the best possible result for each individual patient.

In addition to being a Diplomate of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS), Dr. George Zontos is also a member of the Board of Directors of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery and participates in board committees aimed at ensuring the ethical practice of medicine in the field of hair transplantation and the continuous development and improvement of hair transplantation techniques. At the same time, this year Dr. Georgios Zontos had the honor to participate this year also as an examiner and subject presenter for the exams conducted by the board for the certification of doctors from all over the world in hair transplantation. This is an extremely honorable distinction, as Dr. Georgios Zontos was the only Greek examiner among the participants, helping catalytically in the preparation as well as the conduct of the exams.

The international recognition of Dr. Zontos however does not stop here. The doctor is also the Chair of the Advanced Board Review Course, where he prepares candidates for the AMERICAN BOARD OF HAIR RESTORATION SURGERY exams. The title of Chair is an extremely honorable distinction, which recognizes the doctor’s advanced knowledge of hair transplantation. For the excellent organization of the course, Dr. Zontos received an honorary special award for his Scientific and Educational contribution.

At the same time, the participation of Dr. Zontos at the ISHRS World Congress held in Panama was a complete success. During the congress, he had the honor to present two of his own pioneering scientific papers. The first refers to his sophisticated FUE technique without hair shaving using special tools. These two studies were selected from among many others and after thorough evaluation. Both were well approved by the conference participants and received very flattering comments.

The contribution of Dr. George Zontos in the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery is not limited only here. The physician received an honorary award for his contribution as an editor to the Hair Transplant Forum International, the scientific journal of the ISHRS. This is exclusively for members of the Society, and serves the field of hair restoration surgery by providing a free exchange of ideas with articles related to hair loss and its surgical and medical treatments. The role of Dr. Zontos is to coordinate the content of the magazine, evaluate the articles submitted for publication and ensure that it is published in an orderly manner.

His constant pursuit of excellence, the continuous development of his scientific knowledge, and the conduct of every hair transplant procedure by himself, have led Dr. George Zontos at the top worldwide. His innovative surgical techniques as well as his dedication to patient satisfaction and care have earned him international recognition in the field of hair restoration surgery.